【視頻】閔玉祥董事長在2022支持聯合國亞裔小姐選美大賽開幕式上的講話 (2022/07/26)

Yuxiang Min Speaking at the Opening Ceremony of Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGs

闵玉祥董事长在《2022支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛开幕式 》上的讲话

Time (时间):2022年7月26日下午4点-下午6点- July 26TH , 2022 at 4pm
Place: Melrose Ballroom   at 36-08 33RD Street, Long Island City, NY 11106

 Finals updated 07 25 2022

Dear Distinguished Guests, Dear leaders, all contestants and parents behind them , all guests, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

尊敬的诸位领导,诸位参赛选手,诸位家长, 诸位来宾,女士们, 先生们, 大家下午好!

Today, we are holding the opening ceremony of 2022 Miss Asian Pageant in Support of United Nations 17 SDGS!

今天,我们在此举办2022支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛开幕式。 。

Below, please allow me to introduce Wall Street Satellite TV and Miss Asian Pageant in support of UN 17 SDGS . On November 3, 2020, Wall Street Satellite TV and Wall Street News Agency issued an announcement: the 2021 Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS will be held. As of June 9, 2021, the number of applicants is 63. Due to the epidemic, 13 beauties arrived at the scene to participate in the opening ceremony, finals and award ceremony of the 2021 Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS . Subsequently, the WSSTV Cup 2021 was held to support the online popularity Grand Prix of Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS.

下面,请允许我介绍一下华尔街卫视和支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛。 2020年11月3日, 华尔街卫视和华新社, 发布公告: 举办2021支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛。截至2021年6月9日, 报名人数63人。 因为疫情原因, 13位佳丽抵达现场参加了2021支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛的开幕式、总决赛和颁奖典礼。 随后,举办了华新杯2021支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛网络人气大奖赛。


The 2022 Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS was established on October 10, 2021. As of July 05, 2022, there are 46 registered contestants.

The list of these 47 beauties.

Applause to these 46 participating beauties!

2022支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛, 成立于2021年10月10日, 截至2022年7月5日, 报名参赛选手47。掌声献给这47参赛的佳丽!


After the live semi-finals on July 3 and the subsequent online semi-finals, in the end, the following 20

Beauties obtained the qualification certificate for the finals and participated in the finals. These 20 beauties.

Warm applause to the 20beautiful players who participated in the finals!

经过7月3日的现场半决赛和随后的网络半决赛, 最后, 有下列22名佳丽获得总决赛资格证书, 参加总决赛。 热烈掌声献给这个20名参加总决赛的佳丽选手!

What is the difference between Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS  and other

.competitions?    1. Our MAPUN beauty pageant has clear criteria: BBT= Beauty, Brain, Talents; Beautiful, high IQ, talented; 2. Our beauty pageant endorses the 17 Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations; it has an impact worldwide

  1. We choose beauty pageants, refuse pornography, never swimsuits, and never low-level taste
  2. Our beauty pageant is a project of Wall Street Satellite TV and Huaxin News Agency. The team is strong and the publicity is strong.

2022支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛, 同给其他的比赛有什麽不同和区别?

  • 我们的选美大赛有明确的标准: BBT=Beauty, Brain , Talents ; 美丽,智商高, 有才能;
  • 我们的选美大赛,代言联合国17项可持续发展目标; 世界范围内产生影响;
  • 我们选美佳丽, 拒绝色情, 拒绝泳衣, 拒绝低级趣味;
  • 我们的选美大赛,是华尔街卫视和华新社的一个项目,团队力量强, 宣传力度大。

The initiator and organizer of the project: Wall Street Satellite TV; person in charge: Min Yuxiang, chairman of the competition;

Co-sponsors and co-organizers of the project: World Council of Peoples for the United Nations , responsible persons: Sherill Kazan, the lifetime chairman of the competition

The purpose of the competition:

Support and achieve the 17 Sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The three times of life and the third life are ten miles of peach blossoms, and the goal of this life and this world is seventeen.

项目的发起人和主办方:华尔街卫视;负责人: 闵玉祥, 大赛主席;

项目的联合发起人和联合主办方: 联合国世界人民委员会;负责人:希瑞尔、卡赞, 大赛终生主席



We are very different in 2022. We have two groups participating. The two groups are divided into angel groups and goddesses by age. If you are between the ages of 15 and 29, you go to the angel group. If you are 30 years old and above, you can participate in the goddess group. In 2022, Miss Asian Pageant Angel Group, is held ,today for the opening ceremony , tomorrow for shootings of outside and interiors of the United Nations , and the day after tomorrow for the finals from 10AM to

The 2022 Miss Asian Pageant Goddess Group will be held at the United Nations Headquarters Area from December 6 to December 8, 2022!



2022年我们有很大的不同。 我们有两个小组参加。 两组按年龄划分为天使组和女神. 如果你在15岁到29岁之间,你就去天使小组。 如果你30岁及以上,你可以参加女神小组。

2022年支持联合国亚裔选美天使小组, 今天举行开幕式, 明天27日,进入联合国总部大楼内景和外景拍着, 代言17项可持续发展目标的部分或全部; 后天7月28日举行总决赛和闭幕式晚宴。


So far, we have 14 beautiful contestants participating in the Goddess Group competition. They are:

We have 13 players participating in the Goddess Group competition.

For the 14 Contestants in the above goddess group, give them a warm applause!


对于女神组14位选手, 给予热烈的掌声!

Whether it is a beauty in the angel group or a beauty in the goddess group, the significance and benefits of participating in the competition are as follows:

1) Serve as a charity and love ambassador: endorse the 17 Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations, do charity and public welfare undertakings, and are expected to become celebrities;

2) Become a business spokesperson: endorse the products of a company or a large enterprise, with considerable economic benefits;

3) Achieve the dream of a film and television star: you can enter a film and television company that has a cooperative relationship with Wall Street Satellite TV, and enter Hollywood to become a film and television star.;

4) Part-time news media: You can get special correspondents from Wall Street Satellite TV and Wall Street News Agency, and become the host and anchor of relevant columns of Wall Street SATELLITE TV;

5) The way to study and employment: obtaining certificates, certificates and prizes from the competition is a great honor in life, which will help one's further studies, employment and entrepreneurship, and realize a higher value in life.

All in all, participating in and supporting the United Nations Miss Asian Pageant will bring a lot of benefits to everyone.

不论是天使组佳丽还是女神组佳丽, 参加大赛的意义和受益如下:

1)出任慈善和爱心大使:代言联合国 17 项可持续发展目标,做慈善公益 事业, 有望成为名人;  

2)成为商业代言人:为公司或大企业的产品代言, 经济收益可观;



5)就学就职通途: 获得大赛的证书、奖状和奖品,是人生中很大的荣耀,有助于自己的升学再造和就业创业,实现人生更高的价值。

总而言之, 参加和支持联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛, 会给大家带来很多的收益。

I wish you,all of the contestants a great sucess! I wish all of you ,honored guests a pleasant afternoon.

Thank you all for coming and listening! Thank you!

Min Yuxiang

President of Wall Street News Agency and Wall Street Satellite TV

我祝诸位参赛选手取得好成绩!我祝诸位出席会议的嘉宾, 度过一个愉快的下午!


谢谢!闵玉祥        华尔街卫视董事长

 开幕式 2022 MAPUN Opening Ceremony Copy








Awarding issuing Ceremony of 2021MAPUN-WSSTV Cup of Net Work Popularity Grand Prix 





 总决赛 2022 MAPUN Finals

 闭幕式晚宴 2022 MAPUN Closing Banquet