By Vincent Lyn with Charles Damiano

Vincent Lyn   started studying martial arts at age 8. He learned Tai Chi from his uncle and later mastered his family style Ling Gar Kung Fu (or Lyn). Kung Fu looks pretty and is often thought of as a martial art that is performed for its artistry. Vincent has excelled in not just the art of Kung Fu but in its application as well. He is a 10th degree Black Sash Grandmaster who has been invited to teach martial art workshops around the world. In 2016, he taught 700 people Tai Chi and Ling Gar Kung Fu in a soccer stadium in Portugal.   Jackie Chan has said that Vincent was one of the best fighters he had ever worked with. In 2007 Vincent was invited as a special guest to the first Martial Arts Olympics East-West Open in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the opening ceremony, he demonstrated his superb martial art skills in front of 20,000 spectators and also performed a piano solo, which surprised and dazzled the audience. He has been induced into many Martial Arts Hall of Fame including an award for Grandmaster of the Year from the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. In 2019 Vincent received a Legend Award for Who's Who in the Martial Arts — a high level accomplishment in the Martial Arts world.

Vincent and Jackie at Barnes & Noble in New York City
Vincent and Jackie at the after party US premiere of “Operation Condor” China Grill New York City
Vincent and Jackie on the set filming “Operation Condor” at Shaw Brothers StudiosShaw   Brothers Hong  Kong

He landed his first movie role in   Tiger Cage  SWAT    by internationally acclaimed film director   Yuen Woo Ping   Yuan Heping.   Yuen has been involved in such movies as The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill. This movie was a big hit in the Asian market; Vincent was in high demand which fortunately led to him playing roles in more than 25 movies, including such hit films as  Blonde Fury  ,    with   Cynthia  Rothrock   Live   Hard  with   Simon  Yam   ,  Outlaw Brothers  Best Thief Partner   directed by   Frankie Chan  starring   Y  ukari Oshima大岛ゆかり,   In the Line of Duty V Middle Man  Royal Sister   with Cynthia Khan   Yang Lijing,  Robotrix   female robot   starring Amy Yip  Ye Mei,  Miracles Canton God Father  miracle   starring J  ackie Chan, Undeclared War  Jihad Fengyun   directed by   Ringo Lam Lin Lindong, Manhattan Midnight   directed  by  Alfred Cheung   Zhang Jianting    starring Maggie Q   Li Meiqi   and playing the lead villain fighting superstar   Jackie Chan   in   Operation Condor   Flying Eagle Project.  The climatic wind tunnel fight scene between Vincent and Jackie was recorded as one of the Top Ten Best Fight Scenes of all time in his autobiography "  I am Jackie  Chan  ” by   Jeff Yang  . Lyn has been awarded the Fists of Legends “ Hong Kong Legends Cinema Award” at the Urban Action Showcase Expo in New York sponsored by HBO/Cinemax. He was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Best Martial Arts Actor of the Year.    

Lady Dragon Cynthia Rothrock   Rothrock   and Vincent Lyn in Rome Italy

Charles Damiano   Digital creator, Bruce Lee Fan, Collector and Fitness Expert got a chance to sit down with Vincent and interview him for his YouTube Channel   Bruce Lee Collection.   For any fan of Hong Kong action cinema this is a must see. It's chock full of action, no hold barred and gets to the heart of the Golden Age of Hong Kong Cinema. Vincent's experiences working with   Yuen Woo Ping  Yuan Heping,   Corey Yuen   Yin Yuankui,   Jackie Chan   Fang Shilong,    Donnie Yen  and  s o many other Hong Kong stars. His meeting with   Raymond Chow   Zou Wenhuai  , Jimmy Wang Yu   , Wang Zhengquan , and  the   Bruce Lee  family,   Linda Lee  Caldwell,   Shannon Lee  Li Xiangning,  and how a change of fate could've seen Vincent working with   Brandon Lee  Li Guohao   on his final film “  The Crow  .”     

Shannon Lee  and   Vincent Lyn at the Premiere of the Cinemax series WARRIOR in NYC
Linda Lee Cadlwell and Vincent Lyn at the Bruce & Brandon Lee Memorial Banquet, Torrance California
Bruce Lee Collector Hector Martinez and Vincent Lyn with the Queen of Kung Fu Lady Whirlwind - Angela Mao Ying   Mao   Fujing the Bruce Lee 77th Anniversary Celebration — City Hall, New York City

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Vincent Lyn

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