By Vincent Lyn

Here with some of the contestants for the 2022 Angels Group

A very warm congratulations to the 2022 Angels Group for supporting the opening ceremony of the Miss United Nations Asian Beauty Pageant Global Finals and the 2021 Huaxin Cup Miss Asian United Nations Beauty Pageant Global Champion Award Ceremony on the afternoon of July 26th at the Melrose Ballroom, Manhattan, New York, for a complete success!

The Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDG's & the Awarding Ceremony of 2021 MAPUN-WSSTV Cup of New York Popularity Grand Prix in Manhattan New York.

2022 Opening Ceremony of the United Nations Miss Asian Beauty Pageant!

Co-sponsored by Wall Street TV and the People's Committee for the United Nations, Miss Asian American Pageant 2022 at the Melrose Ballroom on July 26, 2022 in Long Island City, New York.

The opening ceremony was held. Min Yuxiang, Chairman of Huatv and Sherrill Kazan, President of the People's Committee of the UN World, attended the meeting.

Chairman min yuxiang made a speech at the meeting. He said that on November 3, 2020, Wall Street Satellite TV and Huaxin News released an announcement: The 2021 Miss Asian American Beauty Contest to support the United Nations. As of June 9, 2021, there were 63 entries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 13 contestants arrived at the opening ceremony, finals and awards ceremony of the 2021 Miss Asian American Beauty Pageant. Subsequently, held the Huaxin Cup 2021 to support the United Nations Miss Asian beauty contest network popularity Grand Prix.

The 2022 Miss Asian Beauty Pageant was held on October 10, 2021, and as of July 5, 2022, 47 contestants were registered. After the live semifinals on July 3 and the subsequent network semifinals, in the end, there are 22 finalists to participate in the finals.

What is the difference between supporting the Miss Asian American Beauty Contest in 2022 and other competitions?

The pageant has clear criteria: BBT=Beauty, Brain , Talents ; Beauty, intelligence, and talent. Second, the beauty contest, endorsing the United Nations 17 SDG's sustainable development goals; Worldwide impact. Third, the beauty contest is a project of Wall Street TV and CNA.

Sherrill Kazan, Chairman of the Peoples Committee of the UN World, said at the meeting, combining beauty pageants with support for the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals elevates the meaning of beauty. Such beauty pageants combine the inner and outer beauty of an individual with the beauty of the world and of humanity once each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals has been achieved. It is of great significance and far-reaching influence, and is in line with the purposes of the United Nations and the common aspirations of the peoples of the world. As the Chairman of the People's Committee on the World, I will always support such beauty pageants and would like to serve as honorary chairman for life.

At yesterday's opening ceremony, the angel group contestants and the teacher Yan Li, Shu Kaili, under the guidance of Zhang virtue, in the T stage collective catwalk show. Angelic appearance, steady and elegant stage step, charming smiles, Yang Yi youthful vitality of the performance, let the audience shout a wave of high waves. The Belles are expected to deliver an even more stunning performance in the finals at the same venue on July 28, 2022, from 10am to 6pm.

At the opening ceremony, also held the 2021 Huaxin Cup Miss Asian United Nations Beauty Contest Global Champion Award Ceremony. Deng Ting won the global champion of the 2021 Huaxin Cup Miss Asian American Beauty Contest, receiving a prize of $10,000. Deng Ting, who flew to New York from China two days ago to receive the award. She received the prize from Zhang Lifu, president of the World Culture and Art Alliance, and Zhang, chairman of the competition. Tiffany Chan won the Miss Asian American Beauty Contest 2021. When the two champions, wearing the champion crown, holding the scepter and wearing the gorgeous clothes, greeted the audience, the audience burst into warm applause.

On July 28 from 10 am to 6 pm, there will be the Grand Final at the Melrose Ballroom. The banquet will be held at the Royal Court restaurant in Flushing, New York from 7 pm to 10 pm. (Address: 34-20 Linden PL, Queens, NY 11354). Tickets cost $100 each.


Wall Street Satellite Television / Miss Asian Pageant Foundation in Support of UN 17 SDGS

(supporting the Miss United Nations Asian Beauty Pageant Foundation) / Co-Sponsor ( co-organizer): World Council of Peoples for the United Nations ;

Organizer : Urban United Association — ( Urban Public Welfare Association)

Co-Organizer (Co-organizer):

I-MUSES FOUNDATION / Global Musicians and Arts Association / Star Ray Dance and Art Center / Jingling Dance and Art Center ) /Law Office of Troy Nader Esq (Troy Law Firm) /Troy Estate (Troy Real Estate Company)

American Anhui Provincials Association / Katyspace Beauty Spa (Jiyan Meiji Professional Beauty Weaving Center); / North and South Kahua e Life at www.huaelife.com/World Culture and Art Alliance will ).

List of Top 17 Leaders Awards and winners of the championship, runner-up and third-runner-up:

1) Tian Ziyi-Sophie Tian, ​​​​2) Wang Yizhou-Magree Yizhou Wang; 3), Han Yaxin-Yaxin Han; 4), Wang Haina

Hannah Wang; 5) Huang Minyan-Alina Huang; 6), Jin Tongyun-Nancy Jin; 7), Jin Tongyu-Lucy Jin; 8) Wang

Xinyuan-Amber Wang; 9), Yanni; 10) Wang Xinyuan-Xinyuan Wang; 11) Yu Penglin-Penglin Yu; 12), Wu Xia

Tiffany Wu; 13), Qu Kaishi-Cathy Qu

; 14) Xi Anqi-Angela Xi; 15), Wang Junyin-Julia Wang; 16), Xia Wenwen-Kathy Xia; 17), Liu Mengqi-Joey


Second runner-up: Hao Xinyi; tied for third runner-up: Deng Yiran, Mila Zeng, Yu Huajuan.

Runner-up: Zhang Zhihong; tied runner-up: Chen Qingqiao-Margret Qingqiao Chan; Tiffany Yao;

Champion: Deng Ting; tied champion: Tiffany Chan

The awarding guests are as follows:

Sherrill Kazan, Min Yuxiang, Ji Xiaohua, Li Jingyu, Amy Wang, Helen Xiao, Liang Tianming, Vincent Lyn, etc., the presidents of the fellow associations, the founders, the chairman, the general manager, etc. of the companies participating in the meeting. The specific details are the responsibility and execution of Ji Xiaohua and Li Jingyu.




Vincent Lyn

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