By Vincent Lyn

Vincent Lyn, returns to Carnegie Hall featuring a selection of new songs blending Pop, Jazz, R&B and Classical. Lyn is joined by Billboard #1 Hot Singles Sales R&B vocalist Melissa B where the two will premiere their global hit single “Just Imagine People United ".

Vincent Lyn featuring Melissa B — with Pablo Menares — Upright Bass, Shirazette Tinnin — Drums, Urbano Sanchez — Percussion, Masha Brodskaya — Violin, Svitlana Zavialova — Performance Artist.

Friday, December 2nd, 2022 at 8pm. Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, 154 West Street 57th Street, NY, NY, 10019

Tickets go on sale September 2nd and can be purchased at box office at 57th and 7th ave. CarnegieCharge 212–247–7800

All proceeds go to the non-profit foundation —  We Can Save Children to aid the refugee children of Ukraine


Just Imagine — that on earth all human beings were united as one, living together in harmony. We all know how beautiful that would be. What a wonderful world it could be…

Five years ago my colleague Melissa Bailey ( Melissa B ), an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/performer and fellow Grammy artist approached me and said, “Why don't we write a song about global peace?” And so I sat down at the piano and jotted down some chord changes and a bare melody, and over the course of a few weeks had something that I liked. I passed it along to Melissa and she started writing some lyrics. Months passed and we threw ideas back and forth and made some brief changes and then Melissa called up a friend and fellow Grammy colleague Armand Hutton who collaborated with her on adding some changes to the lyrics. But the song sat collecting dust, weeks went by, then months and years passed.

Just Imagine People United  rose from the ashes in 2021. It took on a globe-trotting production and connection of artists, musicians, producers all over the world and together with my international foundation  We Can Save Children  an initiative was formed.

Melissa recorded her lead vocal in NYC. I traveled to Portugal to record the piano part and with cello composer Manuel Faria and prodigious cellist Irene Lima, together we recorded our parts. But the song needed a choir and it had to be the orphaned youth I Worked with in Uganda. My first meeting with Buyinza Morgan was in 2016, when I went to Uganda on a humanitarian mission to aid him and the 300 orphaned youth that were at his high-school. Buyinza, now 22-years-old, has been leading a group of singers called the  Precious Choir.  I told Buyinza about the song and he was very thrilled to be a part of the project, and so the  Precious Choir Recorded their parts in Uganda. All the members traveled a few hours by bus or boda boda (motorbike service), from their village in Wakiso District to the capital city of Kampala. There they would all be huddled together in a cramped and spartan recording studio , certainly by western standards. There were days they had no electricity and would just sit around for hours waiting and praying it would come back on. But it was all worth it. It was the icing on the cake, and we all felt magic had been made. To think we all recorded this in the far reaches of the world during a global pandemic. It's truly astonishing.  Melissa B  and I created a small seed five years ago and together with co-lyricist  Armand Hutton , now the world can hear our magic.



Forever winning in Chinese is  Yong Sheng . Vincent Lyn's Chinese name. He was born to a Chinese father and a British mother. His English name is Sir Vincent Raymond Percival Lyn.

He started studying martial arts at age 8. He learned Tai Chi from his uncle and later mastered his family style Ling Gar Kung Fu (or Lyn). Vincent has excelled in not just the art of Kung Fu but in its application as well. He is a 10th degree Black Sash Grandmaster who has been invited to teach martial art workshops around the world. He has been inducted into many Martial Arts Hall of Fame including an award for Grandmaster of the Year from the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame.

Vincent made use of his martial arts training in his transition to the movies. He landed his first movie role in  Tiger Cage  — made by internationally acclaimed film director  Yuen Woo Ping . Ping has been involved in such movies as The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon , Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill. This movie was a big hit in the Asian market; Vincent was in high demand which fortunately led to him playing roles in more than 25 movies, including  Blonde Fury  with  Cynthia Rothrock . His film career has included playing the lead villain fighting superstar  Jackie Chan  in  Operation  Condor . He has been awarded the  Fists of Legends Hong Kong Legends  Cinema Award  at the Urban Action Showcase Expo in New York sponsored by HBO/Cinemax.

While Vincent related to martial arts from his paternal side, he also developed an affinity for music from his maternal side — his mother being a classical pianist. He started studying piano at age 11, which is a little old for a concert pianist, but not too old for Vincent. He graduated from the prestigious Boston Conservatory of Music majoring in piano performance and composition. Lyn wrote Canto-pop songs for recording artists with PolyGram Records, two of which became top ten hits. In 2011 Vincent gave his debut performance ( the first of many) to a sold-out crowd at  Carnegie Hall  in connection with the release of his CD  Heaven Bound.  The album was voted in the Top Ten Album of the Year for Unsigned Artists and Top 40 Jazz Album of the Year. Lyn released his second jazz album Wing Sing  which received four nominations in the Grammy Ballot. The  Wall Street Journal  called him a  Master of Martial and Musical Arts . His CD  Vincent Lyn Live in New York City  won 5-star reviews and was #12 for 8 weeks on the World Jazz Charts. In 2015 Vincent teamed up with Grammy Award-Winning flutist Wouter Kellerman and other outstanding musicians to perform music from around the world at  Carnegie Hall .

On a bodyguard mission for a VIP in Ghana, Vincent visited a shelter where 20 children (ages 5–15) had just been rescued from slavery. He recalls seeing the fear in their eyes, how that look stayed with him and inspired him to become involved — offering help, in some way. He started promoting awareness and raising money for rescue and recovery projects of these trafficked children. Vincent adheres to the philosophy of being active on the ground level to get things done, not just talk about it. Hope is waiting for somebody else to do something. He knew that helping alleviate this suffering was to become a life mission.

Vincent started a nonprofit organization —  We  Can Save Childr en. It has taken him to Myanmar, Thailand, South Sudan, Uganda, Ghana, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Ukraine on humanitarian aid & rescue missions to rescue and recover children. Whether these children are orphans, refugees, or poverty-stricken, the goal is to protect and provide aid (funds, resources and guidance) to help these children survive. Vincent is truly making a life-saving difference in the lives of these children — not just in donations of money, scholastic and medical supplies but personally helping save children from slavery, starvation, and dying from disease.  We Can Save Children organization provides them access to an education and an opportunity for a better future and for the first time in their lives — hope!

On December 10, 2019 he was voted the  Top 100 Human Rights Defenders  by the  International Human Rights Commission  (IHRC) at United Nations. In March, 2022 was duly appointed  Deputy Ambassador of International Human Rights Commission (IHRC).


Melissa B . is an Afro-Rican recording artist, songwriter, and Billboard charted artist in the global music scene. She released a commercial song called  “Dancing in the Rain”  which shot to №1 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales chart sitting only behind Demi Lavato and Lana Del Ray. This was only the beginning for the South Carolina born and globally raised singer/songwriter whose powerful vocals immediately hypnotize and captivate. Melissa B would follow with a 9 song collection Computer Love Album which continued to cement on the European charts in making Melissa B. as one to watch with another consideration by the Grammy Academy in 2017 for  “Best Urban Contemporary Album”. On the heels of the new music, Melissa B. was announced as a Brand Ambassador for the SNOW APP in South Korea. Audiences are currently being treated to seeing Melissa B.'s sultry, beautiful live performances. Most recently, Melissa B. was just nominated for the Josie Music Awards with  “Best Female Artist of the Year”  for independent artists​Melissa is also an activist with her non-profit organization “Girl Geek Dinners NYC” where she helps young women get inspired about computer science and technology . She has been working closely with her engineer/music partner Mike Ashby from Krematorium Studios building her sound which is growing to be magical.


Pablo Menares  is a Chilean bass player based in Brooklyn, NY. He is one of the most highly regarded bass players in Chile. Since moving to New York City in 2009, he has worked widely in both Jazz and Latin music. He has performed in many of New York's notable jazz venues, including Blue Note, Jazz Standard, Jazz Gallery, Smoke, Smalls Jazz Club, Fat Cat, 55 Bar, Lincoln Center, Steinway Hall and Carnegie Hall. He has toured extensively in Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America. Among the luminaries with whom he has performed are Sam Yahel, Arturo O'Farrill, Randy Brecker, David Kikoski, Bob Moses, Greg Osby, Melissa Aldana, Claudia Acuña and Francisco Mela.


Fulbright Scholar, drummer, educator, clinician, author and health coach,  Shirazette Tinnin  was born and raised in North Carolina. Her early influences were gospel music, R&B and soul music. Her stylistic influences would eventually expand into jazz, rock and music from many parts of the African diaspora. Shirazette received a full scholarship for drum set and jazz pedagogy from Northern Illinois University, where she studied under professor Ron Carter. A 2008 recipient of The Sisters in Jazz Collegiate All-Stars for IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators ) Award. She has also taught on the collegiate level at Columbia College in Chicago. Currently residing in New York City, was the house drummer for The Meredith Vieira Talk Show, Season 1 on NBC. Shirazette performs and tours frequently with premier bands and artists such as the Allan Harris Group, Tia Fuller Quartet, The Mimi Jones Band, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, Toshi Reagon, Women of the World Ensemble, Yuri Juarez, Queen Esther, Gabriel Algeria Afro Peruvian Sextet, Camille Thurman, Sydnee Winters, Natalie Douglass and many others . She is also the leader of her own projects including the  Shirazette and Sonic WallPaper Fusion Band  . She is an active clinician, educator, mentor, composer, a certified personal trainer, published author and is passionate about preserving the health, wellness, stamina and integrity of her craft. Her articles about performance and health advocacy have been featured in Modern Drummer and Tom Tom Magazine. Shirazette is endorsed by Canopus Drums, Vic Firth, LP Music, and Sabian.


Urbano Sanchez is a Grammy nominated percussionist who has been a freelance musician performing internationally for the past 30 years. He started playing the congas at age 4 and grew up traveling between two musically rich islands –Manhattan and Puerto Rico — where he developed the ability to play a diverse and eclectic array of musical styles including: African, Caribbean, Latin, Jazz Fusion, Brazilian, R&B, Rock and Folk music. In the early 90's he won Star Search as well as an International Band Competition. He has made appearances on David Letterman's Late Night Show, Conan O'Brian, the Today Show, Regis and Kathy Lee, VH1, and MTV. Over the years, he has played with Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Richie, October Project, The Barrio Boys, Richard Bona, Heritage OP, and STEW. When he became a father, his interest in children's music grew and he recorded for Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues and started playing with AudraRox, a Brooklyn based children's rock band. He now accompanies his daughter on percussion who is a member of the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music's Brooklyn Harmonics Teens. He has toured extensively in Africa , Europe, the Caribbean and continues to play both locally and abroad.


MASHA BRODSKAYA  —  AMBEMUSIC is a Grammy-nominated multi-disciplinary multimedia artist from Ukraine, virtuoso violinist, singer, pianist, composer, and producer. VR & Neuroscience music pioneer, ViolinBorg, innovator, and entrepreneur. A winner of “The Independent Music Awards ”. She's been featured by  Forbes Magazine, The New York TimesPBS NewsHour, CBS News, Fox News, Broadway World Magazine, and Voice Of America,  to name a few. In her creative work Masha bridges music with  Virtual & Augmented RealitiesArt & Fashion , as well as  Neuroscience,   for Artistic, Educational, Therapeutic, and Cultural Diplomacy purposes. As a frequent speaker on Art & Tech, she has shared the stage with  Al GoreTim Berners-LeeVint Cerf, Edward Snowden,  and many more. Masha has collaborated with various Grammy-winning artists and producers, and have been actively working with  United Nations, Microsoft, NYC Rotary Club, Warner Innovation Lab,  and others. The Founder & Director of  GCI PLANET  — a  Virtual Interactive Concert & Smart Education Platform , a  501C3 nonprofit  organization that utilizes  Music & Arts  as      Therapy  and  Cultural Diplomacy.  GCI PLANET  is working with musical child prodigies from all around the world, and supporting children in hospitals, orphanages and refugee camps worldwide. GCI currently includes 57 countries and growing. Masha is a creator of  U FOR UKRAINE  — an International Humanitarian Benefit Concert Series and Support Program for the Children & Women of Ukraine, that was launched at the  World Economic Forum 2022  in Davos, Switzerland, and supported by many celebrities. Through this initiative  GCI  has set up a humanitarian aid corridor, sending food, medical and hygiene supplies to Ukraine and the borders to support women, children, and the elderly. In March 2022 Masha wrote and produced a piece for violin and orchestra, and devoted it to the people of Ukraine.


Svitlana Zavialova is a Ukrainian-born performance artist, actress, and producer. She is an International Kung Fu Champion known as Wu Woman for developing her own innovative style of martial movement inspired by the complexities of human consciousness translated into physical movement. In her Artist statement she says:

“Martial arts embodies power and the dynamic of conflict. I redefine it as martial movement — a language that communicates the multiplicity of human emotions. I choose martial movement as a sensory metaphor to convey love.” She began her acting career in theatre in Shanghai , toured internationally with her solo show Hidden Wu, this ultimately led to her segue into film and television. Zavialova holds a degree in psychology. She also teaches her authored method of movement, which she refers to as The Art of Cognitive Transmission of Martial Movement and Emotion.

Just Imagine People United  — both Remix and Original versions for the second week at #3 and #4 respectively on the Worldwide iTunes Music Charts!

Amazon International Music Charts #4 New Releases and #6 BestSellers

Hollywood Music in Media Awards — Nomination for Adult Contemporary

64th Grammy Awards — Consideration for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

JUST IMAGINE PEOPLE UNITED  — Click on link for complete video of song


Vincent Lyn

CEO/Founder at We Can Save Children

Deputy Ambassador of International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)

Director of Creative Development at African Views Organization

Economic & Social Council at United Nations

Editor in Chief at Wall Street News Agency

Rescue & Recovery Specialist at International Confederation of Police & Security Experts

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