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One on one with Tammy L. Craig of Eleven Eleven Giving Love

By David Thomas

1. You're a life coach, how did you get into that and what do you do?

1. I was a teacher for 7yrs in the public educational system until I decided I wanted more freedom and flexibility with my time! I then decided to become a certified life coach because I realized my real passion lies in teaching others life skills that will help them thrive and live the life they deserve and desire. Overcoming my own personal life experiences such as: career changes, relationship endings, and financial adversity provided me with tools and techniques that I knew would help others on their journey. A lot of my practice revolves around balancing the whole being: mind, body, and spirit. At a session you can expect to be moving your body (hiking in the woods, on a paddle board, or doing yoga), meditating, and being aware of how you talk to yourself, the thoughts you have, and the beliefs you hold.Life coaching focuses on where it is you are trying to go, and I will be your biggest cheerleader with a little tough love.  


2. You work with an orphanage in Uganda can you talk about that, and how it came to be?

2. I am the founder of the 501(c)3 nonprofit, Eleven Eleven Giving Love. One of our current projects is building a primary school for the Tusuubira Children's Foundation (TCF) in Uganda, Africa. This whole project came to be out of love and trusting what the universe placed in my path. I meet the director of the orphanage, Yisa Yiga, in a serendipitous way and took it as a sign. He initially only asked for clothes, and I found that part of the process didn't 't quite make sense to me in the grand scheme of things. So I asked what his dream was for the children, and he said it was to give them an education. An education is considered a luxury in Uganda , and many of the orphaned and impoverished children do not get the opportunity to attend school due to the financial cost of doing so. This was a big project, and I've never done anything close to this degree! So I recruited 2 complete strangers off of FB to travel over to Uganda with me to meet Yisa, the children, to help determine the validity of Yisa's dream, and the rest is history.



3. What are the needs of the orphanage in Uganda?

3. The orphanage will continue to need financial assistance as there's no real means of these children getting support from their families or the government to attend school. The money is just not there, so Yisa must seek and rely on the kindness and compassion of generosity hearts from a far. The children are always needing just the basics necessities of food, clothing, school supplies, and living enhancements.


4. If people want to help and get involved how can they?

4. We always welcome support for the children and their education. For just $39 a month you can sponsor an orphaned child that will provide them with: school tuition, uniform/clothing, meals, school supplies, and basic necessities for a conducive learning environment . We are also currently working on finalizing the finishing touches on the school with the completion of the roof, electricity, and a van to transport the children. We welcome donations to help these aspects of the project, as well. There are several additional ways to donate and get involved, and you can learn more about these ways at…  www.elevenelevengivinglove.com  or at…  https://gofund.me/c3da09f9


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David Thomas
Global Human Rights Journalist