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One on one with “The Majestic tales” Author kevonne Wright


How long have you been writing?

-I've been writing since I was a freshman in high-school but I was good with my words when it came to writing.

2. How did The Majestic Tales come to be?

⁃ I wrote my book called majestic tales because I was in a dark place and I just wanted to shed light on the fact other teens could be experiencing the same thing and I felt the world should be aware of it!

3. Where did you get that title from? ⁃ I got the title from one of the poems I wrote called “majestic creature” and I think it just gives a good overview of what my book is about. Which is overcoming dark times despite what you've experienced on your journey

4. What advice would you offer to young black writers who want to one day write a book? ⁃ The advice I would like to offer to any young author or dreamer is to never give up and fear is just a sign you crossed the point of being comfortable so be u uncomfortable and do things you never thought was possible! Also, remember as you elevate in life the people that support you will wavier, But as long as you believe in yourself that's all you need!

5. Have you ever experienced racism? ⁃ I've been called the n- word and felt isolated before, but things like that rarely bother me because if you honestly don't like a person because of their appearance it shows me you can' t possibly love yourself! We can't change how we are born in this world, but we can change how we live our lives!

6. Talk about where you grew up and what was that like? ⁃ I grew up in the projects with 4 siblings and 3 bedrooms and my mom and stepdad, my real dad wasn't around and so my stepdad took the role of being a father and did a great job! My mom did a wonderful job at raising us and the best she could of, and now we live in a nice habitat home and I'm heading to college at the Ohio State University!

7. What are your future plans? ⁃ I will be a psychologist and dietitian and I will be owning a restaurant, I will be releasing a clothing line in 2023 so stay tuned!!

8. Where can people buy your book? ⁃ They can buy it at

End the Hate

By Kevonne Wright and David Thomas

Can you and I be free from all of this hate?

what is hate?

Hate is love fractured disoriented and repurposed to fuel anger

Our skin doesn't match color but on the inside I'm just like you and you're just like me

Not cut from the same cloth but sewn from the same material

Can we end this do things anew where I really see you and you really see me?

Only unchaining the bonds that use to restrain us

And turn those chains into hope

Reminding us of what once was

And allowing us the power to determine what can be

We can end the hate yes we can if we make loving each other a part of the plan

The authors book “The majestic Tales” is available at for purchase.



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David Thomas

Global Human Rights Journalist



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