Yuxiang Min’s Speech at Finals Qualification Certificate Issuing Conference of MAPUN

Date : June 26, 2021 at 10am to 12pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 863 547 8888; Passcode: 888

Min 001

Dear Miss Asian Pageant Beauty Contestants, Dear American Anhui Provincials Association Country Fellows, Dear Wall Street News Agency Readers and Audiences , Ladies and Gentlemen , Good Morning ,

I am very glad to welcome all of you here this morning to attend Finals Qualification Certificate Issuing Conference of MAPUN .

First of all, Let me congratulate these following 11 ladies , who have been already issued Finals Qualification Certificates of MAPUN . They are : Sophie Tian; Lucy Jin; Nancy Jin; Alina Huang ; Amber Wang; Tiffany Chan;Tiffany Yao;Zhihong Zhang; Margaret Qing Chan; 邓逸然(Yi Ran Deng );Xin Yi Hao (郝欣漪). More beauty Contestants will follow. Congratulations !

This is the 5Th Time that we hold Zoom Conference for Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS.

Since November 3, 2020, when the 2021 Miss Asian America Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS , was proposed, we have had 4 large Zoom Conferences: the first meeting was on December 28, 2020, the organizing committee was established and the first press conference was held. The second meeting, on February 12, 2021, on the first day of the Chinese Cow New Year, 24 beauties signed up for the competition; and the third meeting, on March 27, 2021, the founding conference of the professional company of the 2021 Miss Asian Pageant in support of UN 17 SDGS, 51 Beauties signed up for the competition. June 18, 2021 , was the fourth time that we held a working meeting. As of May 31, 2021, we have 60 contestants registered for the audition.

Today , June 26, 2021, at 10: 00 am, is the fifth time for us to hold this zoom meeting . We are holding this meeting for the "competition finals qualification certificate issuance ". Chairman Han Yin, will send certificates for qualified players one by one. Only those who have received the Final Qualification certificate will be able to participate in the opening ceremony and the final on July 30 through August 3, 2021 at the Millennium Hotel, 1 United Nations Headquarters Building, and Royal Queen Banquet.

This might be the last time that we hold zoom conference for 2021 Miss Asian Pageant events .

By July 16, 2021 at 1-4 PM, no longer at zoom, but we will hold a Press Conference at Millennium Hotel , One United Nations Plaza , New York, NY 10017. We will announce that our 5 days and 4 nights are as the following:

  1. On July 30th, the finalists will be staying at the Millennium Hotel at the United Nations Headquarters before 11: 00.;
  2. July 30, 2021, at 1-3 pm, the grand opening ceremony was held at the Millennium Hotel, United Nations Headquarters Building. Only invited guests are allowed to participate. The ticket is $1,000 , including the Grand Hotel's competition performance and award ceremony, closing ceremony and dinner.;
  3. July 30, 2021 at 3: 30-5: 30 p.m., enter the United Nations headquarters building to endorse and take a photo with relevant United Nations officials to endorse and so on;
  4. By 11: 00 a.m. on July 31, all the finalists will be staying at the Sheraton Flushing Hotel;
  5. July 31, 2021 at 12-6 p.m., the finalists of the grand final, rehearsal, declined to enter;
  6. August 1, 2021 at 12-6 p.m., Junhao Grand Restaurant, the Contest officially begins. Tickets$150 / ticket; $ 1,000 / table for 10 people;
  7. August 2, 2021 at 12-5 p.m., the finalists of the grand final, rehearsal, declined to enter;
  8. August 2, 2021 at 6-10 p.m., Sovereign Hotel-Royal Queen Banquet, closing ceremony, award ceremony and dinner, banquet. Tickets $150 / ticket; $ 1,000 / one table for 10 people.
  9. Before 11: 00 on August 3, 2021 , the contestants can go through the check-out procedures. The hotel will arrange a special car to take the girls to the airport.
  10. End of the Assembly. 4 nights for 5 days.

On March 27, 2021, We announced the Founding Ceremony of MAPUN as well as the Initial Issuing of Magazine New Age Waver, plus new video of New Age Wavers . So Far, we have published five Volumes of New Age Waver. All of you 60 Beauties have all appeared in these five volumes , as well as in our newspapers and our electronic newspapers at our website at www.wsnay.com, www.wsnastv.com and www.mapun.org.

Sophia 000

As we have promised that all these beauties with Finals Qualification Certificate , will enjoy the following benefits:

1) 4 nights and 5 days accommodation and three meals a day in the morning, noon and evening; 2) Wall Street News Agency and other Chinese and English media reports, to be published in the special issue of "New Age Waver" magazines; 3) Opening ceremony and closing ceremony costumes; 4 ) Banquet Party; 5) Commemorative gifts; 6) Finals ribbons; 7) Finalists entering the finals, invitation letters and award certificates; 8) Letters of recommendation to relevant units and institutions such as the United Nations and universities; 9) Special awards from Wall Street News Agency Press card; 10) Various service fees and staff fees for the contest; 11) Free 3-5 personal photos of the contestants; 12) Free for contestants to register for the preliminary and semi-finals of the sea election; 13) The winner of the finals signs a contract with the contest organizer, Let the contestants be invited by important units as spokespersons or image ambassadors, attend important public welfare activities and accept media interviews; 14) Have the opportunity to recommend film and television work.

From the very beginning to this final , we have been working very hard to bring you to the final stage of Miss Asian Pageant in support of UN 17 SDGs !

You are girls chosen out of BBT, which means Beauty, Brains and Talents . You are that beauty , plus Brains and talents ! You are the beauties of Asians for the United Nations and you are the hopes of the Future of the whole world !

I wish you a great success , a wonderful accomplishment as you are now a brand-new rising shining star !

On March 19, 2021, Wall Street News Agency launched a new magazine "New Age Waver ", which replaced the original "Hua Shi Special Edition" and ushered in a new era! The first issue of the magazine focuses on the characters of the "Miss Asian American Pageant 2021"! Among them are 29 staff members and 47 beauties who signed up to participate in the audition of sea selection! Now we have published Volume 5 with 60 beauty contestants included . Please join us, and all of you will be published on the front page of this magazine, and become a trendy player in the new era! You become a New Age Waver!

Let meet again face to face on July 30, 2021 through August 3, 2021!

Thank you all.

Min Yuxiang

Chairman and CEO of Wall Street News Agency and Wall Street Satellite TV

Initial Director of MAPUN

Min 01

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         川瑞律师事务所(Law Office of Troy Nader Esq at troyesq.com)



另外据报道:2021联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛新闻发布会, 定于2021年7月16日,在联合国总部大厦1号千禧大酒店举行

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2021联合国亚裔小姐选美大赛新闻发布会, 定于2021年7月16日,在联合国总部大厦1号千禧大酒店举行!

To All Medias , Newspapers, TVs, Magazines , Reporters,Journalists , Special Columns , Editors, Editor-in-chiefs etc (各大新闻媒体,报纸,电视台,杂志社,记者、编者、编辑和专栏作家等), 

 Dear Sir / Madame ,  

 You are cordially invited to attend our Press Conference  for 2021 Miss Asian Pageant  in Support of UN 17 SDGS on July 17,  2021 at 1PM to 5Pm , at  Millenium Hotel ,  One UN PLaza New York, NY 10017 

Thank you very much! 

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