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One on One with Ugandan Activist Mubiru Samuel

By David Thomas


1. What was your life like in Uganda before you started your organization that led you on your journey to do so?

To begin with, am called Mubiru Samuel from Uganda. I am the founder of Heart4Humanity-Uganda (H4HU). Our organization began was founded in 2015.

All its foundation is based on my life during my childhood.

To begin with, I was born in a village called Mityan about 80km from the capital.

I lived with my parents when I was still young unfortunately, they died in a fatal accident when I was 6 years old.

I was taken by my aunt but she used to torture me as well as denying me all my rights as a child. She could not give me food sometime and ever since my parents died, I didn’t return to school.

There came a man who adopted me after when my aunt was imprisoned for the crimes she committed against me.

This man had a very good heart that he took me as his son. He gave me free education, food, medication and so on.

When I grew up, and I was at the university, at my neighborhood, there was a lady who used to mistreated her step-children and this block my heart and made me to remember my childhood life. I felt I could do something unfortunately I had no money to support these children.

So I posted on my Facebook and had some friends who donated so that I could help out.

I became so passionate about helping others like the orphans because I know how it feels to lose a parent and so I had to consult some village elders on if it was a good idea for me to start-up an organization to support orphaned children irrespective of their family background.


2. What are the struggles of the Ugandan people today?

Uganda continues to face conflict – related humanitarian and protection challenges. The far eastern region, the most vulnerable part of the country with the high rates of poverty, high numbers of children facing hunger and malnutrition, high illiteracy, natural disaster attacks like landslides to people residing in the area of Bududa, and many more, there is more than 5 million people including men, women and children that need Humanitarian aid

The refugee population in Uganda has also increased from 200,000 in 2016 to more than 1.2 million. As a whole, these refugees are coming from more than 10 countries around the globe including South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan and many more. Most of these people are affected by wars, political instabilities and poverty in their countries hence seeking refuge and asylum in Uganda. These people need water for drinking, food to eat, education for the children and all life basic necessities to live on and feel safe.

Children rights are demoralized every day in Uganda. This is shown from child trafficking, child abuse, illiteracy among children, children living on streets, sexual abuse, and harmful cultural performances.

Also almost half of all forcibly displaced persons to Uganda are children – over 900,000 girls and boys.

Many refugee children spend their entire childhood in displacement and in refugee camps, uncertain about their future

They experience and witness disturbing events or be separated from their family. At the same time, family and other social support networks are weakened and education is disrupted. These experiences have a profound effect on children – from infancy and childhood through to adolescence. During emergencies and in displacement, girls face particular gender-related protection risks.


3. What is your organizations mission and how does it serve the people of Uganda?

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives, Transformation and willing to take risks.

Heart4Humanity Uganda emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. Established in 2016, we’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support.

Heart4Humanity-Uganda is a nonprofit registered community based organization in Uganda providing scholastic materials, food, clothes and health care to orphaned children and children from very poor families. We also fight for children neglected their right to education. We focus on the neediest vulnerable children in different communities here in Uganda.


To Empower Orphans and Vulnerable children in the communities by providing them with basic needs (food, shelter, clothing’s, health care and education) and building their life skills through early childhood development activities.


4. How can people reading this get involved, how can they help? 

There are millions of people here in Uganda that need help today. Through Heart4Humanity-Uganda, you can support millions of man, destitute widows, and innocent poor children that need help and make their lives better.

We are always keen to encourage supporters in a host of ways. Whether you own a Company and would like to support our charity, whether you are an individual thinking of undertaking a challenge, such as running a marathon and raising funds for a charity, or whether you wish to form a 'supporters' group, we are always delighted and appreciative to receive your contributions to enable us to better take care of our children.

One can also get involve to support us towards our project sustainability. Below is our global giving community link where one can donate through.


You can also donate through our bank account. Or via our website



 5. What are your hopes for the future of your organization as well as the future of Uganda?

 WATER: Our goal is to ensure clean water and sanitation for everyone, everywhere we work, by 2030.

LIVELIHOODS: Because productive and resilient livelihoods are key to breaking the cycle of poverty, our goal is to strengthen families’ capacity to provide well for their children by providing skills especially in the agricultural sector and improving access to capital and markets.

EDUCATION: Our goal is to ensure that girls and boys are educated so they can reach their full potential and contribute to their communities in the future.

CHILD PROTECTION PROGRAM:  We work with families and communities: prevent abuse, exploitation and other violence against children; the goal is to ensure violence against children is addressed effectively when it occurs, and to help restore children who have been harmed.

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David Thomas
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